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Super 8 Motel in WIlsonville Bad maintenance, Cockroaches, Bad Service, Bad Managment, No resolution

We wanted a night away from home and the local cabins at a State Park were full, so as a last resort we stopped in here. WIthin the first 10 minutes we discovered a cockroach, when trying to call the front desk, the cord came flying out of the phone, it was broken. The room smelled of cigars, we were over charged, the shower curtain rod practically fell off the wall.

in the morning, I put the coffee filter into the mini coffee maker and it proceeded to overflow, steaming and spitting out all over the desk, when I went downstairs there was no coffee left, the front desk girl said they had not had any maintenance person in over a year, I would get a $10 discount and gave me the number for the corporate office who did what? Nothing, took my complaint, referred me back to the GM who did nothing but leave me a message that the issue was resolved.

DO NOT GO to this place. They do not resolve customer complaints, they lie about the condition of the rooms, as the GM did, claiming there were no problems, then they basically blow you off. Having been a property manger of 311 units of 3 building, I for one know that excellence in service and complaint resolution is the heart of a business. Having some respect for your customers and doing the best job you possibly can is crucial.

I know these are franchises and they ultimately can do what they want but Super 8 should inspect the properties which are receiving complaints and drop their name for GM’s that do not provide a quality stay or service and should demand more control over complaint resolution. I will never stay in a Super 8 motel anywhere, ever, and I will pass the information on to anyone I know forever. I hope they go out of business for their poor service.

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