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Branch / Location of Complaint: Arby's Lehman Family Restaurants Inc
Address: 2150 NE 49th Court Rd Ocala, Florida 34470

I have never been fired from any job before or written up. Every time I have left a job, it has been due to relocating, pregnancies, or looking for better employment. I have always left a job on good terms. I have been working with this company for just over 9 months and have never been in trouble, disciplined or written up. I always came in when called, came in early or stayed later; I’ve worked long shifts without breaks and sometimes without even a chance to eat anything; I even worked overtime when our last store manager got fired resulting in a 6 day work week sometimes opening the store, clocking out to go home, and then coming back an hour or 2 later to help close.

I put a 110% effort into this store and it’s crew and especially lately, with myself being 5 months pregnant, I didn’t let that stop me from coming in and working just as hard as I had before finding out I was pregnant.

A few months ago, after being without a store manager for 2 months, a new store manager was hired. His name is Kevin Samuel. Many of the crew was skeptical about him coming in and changing things around. After all, we had been running the store just fine with only 3 shift managers and he was young and had a reputation that preceded him. At first, he came in and sat down with the employees one on one and said he was just going to observe and not try to change too much what was obviously already working for the store.

However, soon after he got there, the gloves started to come off. He quickly started to implement new changes with the crew which resulted in a 2 week notice from our full time prep person. However, instead of allowing her to finish her 2 weeks, he took her off the schedule and said he wasn’t going to let her finish her 2 weeks because she was no good to him if he had to replace her. She is currently collecting unemployment form the company because he fired her even after she gave her 2 week notice. He then decided to go and switch peoples schedules around to the point were all of our full time workers were losing hours and our not so strong workers were gaining hours. He had employees so scared to do anything that they felt they needed to walk on egg shells or they would lose their jobs. Business even started to suffer and sales started to drop.

For a few weeks, things began to die down because I had talked to him and let him know how the crew felt towards him and told him that he needed to treat them better because they were a good crew. But then, things started to hit the fan again. Whenever he had a problem with a crew member, instead of him dealing with it himself, he would **** it off on the other managers and make us do the dirty work, including but not limited to write ups, suspensions and terminations. If he felt that a crew member was not doing things the way he liked, he would cut their hours or give them a bunch of bogus write ups to make them quit but make it so that they couldn’t collect unemployment. And the majority of these write ups never even were signed by the crew because he was padding their files after he terminated them.

He then moved on to a shift manager that had been there for over a year and worked her way up. Because she stood up to him and his bullying, he wrote her up several times in the last 2 or 3 weeks she was there for minor things. He said he wanted to leave a paper trail to protect himself from wrongful termination. He was going to suspend her and then because she didn’t agree with the suspension, he fired her on the spot. This was about a month ago. Since then he has fired almost 10 employees.

As for myself, I got on his bad side last week when I didn’t allow him to talk nasty to me in front of the crew and bully me. I even spoke up for the crew when he was bullying them and that is what started to make him mad-that the crew trusted me enough to confide in me but not him. I had posted something on Facebook about the incident but was vague enough that it couldn’t be proven it was about him. I never mentioned his name, or Arby’s or even that it was work related. It was just simple venting. However, several crew members that I am friends with online liked the status, and because of it, he retaliated against them. He said he was going to cut their hours and that anyone who bad mouthed him was going to regret it.

I was off all weekend, and I came into work today and was pulled to the side. I was presented with 2 write ups and a customer complaint, all of which were bogus. He then asked if I agreed with the write ups, I said no. Upon saying no, he asked for my store keys and told me I was fired. The write ups were from over a week ago and it’s funny considering he was smiling and joking around with me for the last week like if nothing was happening. I refused to sign them and had no other write ups or disciplinary actions in my file. I left the store without causing a scene.

Later on today, he fired another employee-one who was friends with me online-because she was sick and needed to go home. And then, I found out from her that he was going around to all the crew members bragging about how he was going to fire me today to teach me a lesson. How unprofessional!

Not to mention, since he found out I was pregnant, he was over working me to the point I had to get a doctors note to make him change my hours and give me breaks as needed. I was mistreated this whole pregnancy.

Someone needs to do something about this manager on a power trip. And if the high turnover rate of hard workers from the same place in such a short amount of time doesn’t raise any flags at the unemployment office, then I don’t know what will. He shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.

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