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My Fiancee’ and I were looking for a home. We were in the process of rebuilding our credit and saw this company.  After a couple of phone calls it sounded really good, so we paid the $199.00. Then we had full access to there web site. We started sending out a bunch of letters.

When we called and asked what return address we should use and how we get notified about the letter we sent out they stated we can use their address and they will call or email us when they get a response. Well after sending out about 60-70 letters we got no response from any of them. I called and said I wanted a refund on the account. I was instructed to send in a letter. We sent the letter certified so we had proof they received it.

After the 30 days went by I called asking the status of my refund. I was told on the phone that the request wasn’t complete. They didn’t have 5 denial letters, so would I be mailing them in. I said they received all letters that were denied because we were told to us their address. The guy said yes you can use this address that is your choice. So I said then you guys would have the letters. He claimed they had no denial letters. I asked when was I going to get notified that my request for my refund wasn’t complete, the guy responded I am being notified right now. So I then stated I want all of the phone calls that have been recorded, he says I have to go through another request on-line to get them.

This company is a big scam and do nothing but take your money!  Don’t sign up with them.

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