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Back in February I seen the ad on craigslist so I called it sounded like something that would be great for my family so I gave out my info and paid 199.00 and they would send me a listing of homes. I started looking for homes and sent out the forms they told me I had to send. Within 2days I received 2 letters with no forwarding address and that they home owners no longer live at the address. I sent out 20 letters and only received the 2 back with no one in the home.

I called the number on the site and they told me that I had to get so many rejections in order to get my money back. All they did was take money from my family and it was a great thing that I only used that card to do this then I cancelled it. I couldn’t imagine what they would have done if I didn’t cancel the card.

I have been fighting to get my refund and they keep on giving me the run around. I want us to all work together so that we can all get our refund and put all of these people in prison and punish them to the fullest extent.

These people should not be in business stealing everyone’s hopes and dreams. Please lets all work together so we can seek justice.

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