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In the month of November 2012 I decided to close my sprint account no.608187182 Phone no. 706-523-7323 due to poor service. I had received a letter from sprint explaining my phone would no longer operate in the near future since I was an old NEXTEL customer. Service had gotten very poor since the “buy out” and I decided to cancel the service. In the letter I received was a web site I could go to and gain access to my account information (PINN NO) This was to no avail I could not get in to my information.

Thus I called SPRINT on my home phone. I was asked by the agent for my PINN no. and the first elementary school I attended, My answer was I have no Pinn and the elementary school I gave was incorrect. I only attended one elementary school so I know it was correct. After talking with the agent for several min. I was told a SPRINT representative had assigned a Pinn no. This agent I was speaking with put me on hold, called the SPRINT store on Bradley Park Drive in Columbus and made arrangements to close the account in person the following day.

Being told this information I proceeded the next day, which was Sunday, and I arrived at opening time and did close the account. My phone service was halted within just a short period of time. In just a few days I was sent a bill for the following month which I reluctantly paid.

Now here it is the 28th day of January 2013 and I received a bill from SPRINT for a total $51.52 due February 15. I immediately called !-888-56-6111 for an explanation of the charges I was asked the same questions my elementary school name ( which I gave and was told was incorrect) and for my PINN no. No one can tell me how TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT and won’t allow me to do so. THIS IS NOT RIGHT AND I FEEL IT IS AN ILLEGAL ACT AGAINST ME. I have just retired and am tired of beijng taken advantage off.
Respectfully; Philip B. Williams

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