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I bought a metropcs phone using bill pay they charge me 157 dollars up front I was supposed to have 5 more payment at around 150 dollars a piece. Totaling $887 for a $499 phone. I called back to get a payoff and was given 2 different amounts. My account was later debited for a third amount that was much higher than the previous 2.

When I asked why the lady said she did not know in could not tell me how much I actually owed. Smart page number is not listed anywhere they do not email me any of my transactions and I have no record of any payments other than from my bank.

If the 35 percent interest isn’t scam enough for you then my story should be.


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I paid for in full a smartphone from Walmart. It was shut off 2 months later because someone had tried to buy it on Smartpay but was denied 2 days before I bought it. They have been charging her and I was paying with pre paid cards at the same time. She closed her bank account to stop the charges and they have bricked my phone that I paid full price for and have been loading prepaid cards into. They refuse to unbrick the phone even though Walmart has spent hours on the phone with them. I can’t imagine the… Read more »
Brenda Williams Adrine
I am so angry I could scream! After calling smartpay on the 29th of November and asking what my payoff would be, I was told $185 and some change. I told them to take that amount out of my account so that I could be done with them. I just realized that I would be paying over a thousand dollars for a $649 phone for my grandson. Then I checked my account and found that they took the same $157.84 out that they had been taking. I called them and waited on the phone for two hours before I could… Read more »

Join me and a class-action lawsuit against them these people are thieves and liars and they shall not be able to get away with this
Jd Polk

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I’ll gladly join in on a class action suit against smartpay lease I’m about to to BB. myself with there payment due date. . I order my phone on the 6th of month and they say my bill is due on the 3rd of month now and now it’s due on the.31st of this month this is BS and I was sent a non working phone and had to send back so I didn’t even get phone or activate it till the 21 of Sept 2016..also. My friend just ordered her phone last Saturday on the 21st payed 115.00… Read more »

I’m in man find it funny I’m paying 62.40 each month on a iphine7 that only lasted a month before it malfunctioned

Brenda Williams Adrine

I’m in! What do I have to do?

Yeah I am just finding out what a scam this company is!! We just got new phones in Sept. and only owed 119.00 now I see they are charging us almost 428.72 and saying that we are even leasing the cases and screen protectors that we already paid for in store!!… I wish I had know about these bastards sooner! What can we do about this??

Do math before signing up! I couldn’t believe my eyes people still fall for 100% interest rate loans masked as affordable and convinient offers.

Smartpay is a total RIPOFF! I payed 580 dollars for a 200 dollar phone. When I called them and asked why am I still paying on this phone they said you have 9 more payments to go. I said WTF you mean. So I have to pay almost 800 dollars for a 200 dollar phone? Of course they couldn’t do anything for me. Please people DON’T use SMARTPAY. Its not smart at all. Its the dumbest descision I ever made!

Hey would you be able to email you I’m in the same situation and had a few questions

Billfloat, smartpay, and after smarpay lease,,, they are bunglers, and miserables, and they are a scam and , why METRO PCS does bussines with them,

They are metropcs. That is how it works. T

This is a very bad company. Do not get anything with them. Shame on metro pcs for using them

I just want to say that this company is a total and complete SCAM!! I am a mother of two on a budget and I can honestly say that I was RIPPED OFF. The interest rate is 45-50 % which incredibly high but they will "inform" you it’s a rental fee. They also have representatives that have absolutely no clue. I can guarantee you if you called on two separate occasions on the same day. You will be told two different things. I was told I can have an "Early Payoff" if I called before my next payment and it… Read more »

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