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I bought on last May 2013 a couple of flex able hoses from the company Smart Perks, phone number 973-287-5160.

Three days after I received the hoses, one was broken on the side. I called to request info about how to solve the problem, they told me that I will received a label to return the product in my e-mail. The problem was that for some reason I couldn’t open the e-mail, I called several times with the same answer that they will send me a label to my regular mail. Several times, the same, not label in my p.o. box.

until after two months a customer service representative took the time to find the way to send me a label to my e-mail. I sent the hose and that was late July. Since that day no hose replacement or refund of my money. Several phone calls and always they were lying saying either they will send me the replacement or they will send me the refund.

Two days ago, Sept. 28, the another hose also is broken. One of the sides is completely open. I just called again to inform about the situation of the remaining hose and they asked me to send it back to them so I will proceed to return it today. They told me that they will refund my money as soon as they get the another hose.

Please, I never got my money back for the first hose and I don’t know what to expect now that the remaining hose is also broken. I paid a little more than $60.00 for the two hoses but what I really complain is about the service. They were lying to me several times saying that they will send me the label for return the product or they will send me the refund. They made me go to the post office daily for nothing.

I don’t want another person has to go through the same situation. Please, I don’t know if you can do something but If you can do it please do it. This company has my phone number 719-229-7006 in their computer system. 5 months of this problem is more than enough.

Thanks in advance for your advice. Graciela Bollman

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