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Address: 1420 E Sunrise Blv Ft Lauderdale, Florida

I am filing an official complaint against your Shell gas station employee at 1420 E Sunrise Blv Fort Lauderdale FL, which I had the complete displeasure of suffering through at 10:45am today.

I had been warned by friends when I moved here that this gas station was the worst station in the entire city and to avoid at all costs, but due to circumstances outside my control I was forced to get gas here. I had recently signed up for Winn Dixie reward card, which claimed to offer a discount at all Shells. I did NOT want to go inside at all since I was in a huge hurry, so I entered my loyalty card number on the pump as instructed, then was told my card was invalid.

Frustrated that I had to face the long line I could see weaving out the door to simply get my reward points when I was in such a hurry, I got into the long line. When it was her turn I could hear your employee arguing with the lady in front of me because apparently her pump was not accepting her card, either.

After a long wait, it was my turn. I told your employee behind the counter “the pump is telling me my winn dixie loyalty card is invalid, but i just used it i know it’s not.” He grumbled something under his breath that I could not understand but didn’t sound nice. He snatched the card from me and said in a very thick accent “how much?” I said “how much what?” he looked very irritated that I didn’t instantly understand his vague question. I wasn’t sure if he was asking me how much reward I thought I should have or what? He said rudely “How much gas do you want lady??” I said “I wanted to find out my reward before I decided that.” He sighed and rolled his eyes, then said “ten cents.” I said “Ok, well let’s just do $10.”

I had thought last time I checked my loyalty card I had a 20 cent discount, but I was not in a mood to take the time to try to figure that out with your rude employee, so I handed him my credit card. He said “credit or debit?” I clearly said “Credit.” I NEVER use debit, because I get rewards for using my card as credit. He then handed the card back to me and said to swipe it on the machine on the counter. I swiped it and it asked for my pin number. I said “why is it asking for my debit pin number? I said credit.” He was not paying attention to me and completely ignoring me. I was in a hurry as I mentioned, so I hit the “x” because at every other store I’ve ever been to, when it asks for your pin you hit “x” for credit. But on your machines it apparently cancels the transaction altogether. “Why did you do that??” he yelled at me. “Because I said I wanted credit, and it was asking for my debit pin number. I was trying to get to the credit screen.” He then argued with me in a very unacceptable and rude tone “No, you said debit!” Shocked that he was being so aggressive and rude, I said, “no, I did not. I said I wanted credit.”

I get bonus points for using my credit card. I NEVER use my card as debit anywhere. I very clearly had told him credit the first time. He began arguing with me in front of the increasingly long line of customers waiting behind me “You said debit!!!” I have no idea why he didn’t just admit he misheard me and run my card as credit. He was wasting time by arguing instead of simply running my card again. “NO, I said credit. Just run it as credit.” He then had the nerve to accuse me of using a stolen card!! “Is that even your card?? Is it stolen?” What?? Excuse me?! How dare he say that to me! “Yes of course it’s my card! I want credit like I said!” “no, you said debit!” he insisted rudely and in a very hostile and attacking tone. “If it’s your card why didn’t you just enter your pin number?” How dare he sit there and waste my time and every customer’s behind me (about 10 people at this point, the line going all the way out the front door). “If I wanted debit I would have entered my pin. Clearly I didn’t want debit! I said CREDIT!”

I could not believe the nerve and attitude and complete and utter rude and accusatory behavior of this man. He was clearly accusing me of committing a CRIME by using a stolen card all because of his mistake! He hit debit when I told him credit! He said “let me see your ID then!” I was so annoyed that he was behaving so inappropriately towards a customer! But all I wanted to do was get my gas! So I showed him my ID and said “Now can you run it as credit?” He was very rude and hostile in his behavior as he ran my card and began arguing with me AGAIN and said “You just want to blame me! You are the one who said debit!” Are you serious?

The issue was over. I gave him my ID. He did NOT need to keep arguing and accusing me of things that weren’t true. All he had to do was run my card as credit now and drop the issue. I was beyond frustrated that a quick stop to get gas was turning into a nightmare solely due to this man’s inability to understand English, and his hostile and rude attitude that was clearly just looking for a fight. “Listen to me, I clearly said credit. I understand you misunderstood me, but I did say credit! Now just run the card so I can go!” I got my receipt and went back to get my gas at the pump.

Guess what? He didn’t give me my winn dixie loyalty card discount! After all that!!! The ONLY reason I was stopping at Shell rather than another brand gas station was to get my discount. I was not about to leave after everything I’d been through without it. So I faced the incredibly long line again and luckily, everyone in line recognized me that I had just been in there and they all looked at me in pity because they had heard the rude and hostile way your employee spoke to me. They said “here, go ahead!” Every single person in line told me to go ahead of them because they felt so sorry for me I had to come back to deal with this crazy man. I told him that my discount was not showing up on the pump, at which point he immediately told me it was my own fault because I lied to him! What?? He said I lied to him and said I wanted credit after I had already told him debit. Are you kidding me??

I said credit the entire time! He OBVIOUSLY forgot to run my winn dixie card the second time he ran my card as credit, and had the nerve to try to tell me it’s MY fault he didn’t credit my discount when he ran my card! He could not admit his original mistake, or the mistake he made when he didn’t apply my discount. I couldn’t believe his behavior! I told him “just put the discount on the pump!” I was sick of his inability to admit he made a mistake and attack me in a hostile way for his own mistakes.

Two people in line behind me had heard I had said credit the first time! He clearly has problems with the English language, not to mention the worst attitude ever. He continued arguing as he ran my card what would now be a THIRD time, accusing me of causing problems and lying and blaming him. I was ignoring him because I was not going to get into another verbal argument with your employee when all I wanted to do was get my gas and go! This was already taking about 10 times longer than it should have!

When he handed my card back to me he again insisted the reason the discount wasn’t on the pump was my fault, because I had lied! I was ready to go, the issue needed to be dropped, and he continued to harass me, accuse me, and attempt to argue and fight with me over something that was clearly HIS fault! He needed to act maturely and professionally. Instead, he was acting as rudely, harassing, accusingly, and as unprofessionally as possible! I took my receipt and when I turned around the lady behind me even said “I’m sorry!” Because everyone in there recognized how completely out of place and unacceptably your employee was behaving. I’ve only used Shell a few times here, but each time the employee has been ridiculously rude to me, although my experience today is above and beyond horrible.

My loyalty card is never accepted at the pump, forcing me to go inside, waste my time, and deal with harassing and rude employees! I don’t care about the stupid reward points, I will NEVER use another Shell again! If you can’t hire professional employees, you don’t deserve my business!!

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