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Tates Promises to invest $27,000 in the authors they print their books. They ask for $3990.00 for a start up to publicity. I never got publicity. No proof that press releases went out or TV commercials played.

They had me do the editing, after promising that they would tweak the book to be the best. Mark Mingle, Chris Coffey, Ryan Tate all try to bully authors. Mr Richard Tate did promise he would make sure I was happy.  When I emailed him back a few months later he didn’t know me from Adam.

I contacted them and asked for a refund which they have done for others. They gave 2 refunds on 2/22/12 and told me so. They hate the word self published which is actually a compliment for them. They are a “printer with extra sell items”.

I am interested in a class action suite.

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