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It’s 7:45 pm est and my chocolate covered strawberries still have not arrived. It’s the day before valentines day. What’s the use of having something delivered so late. They know what they are doing they wanted an additional $14.00 to do a 8-12 delivery.

It’s a scam just to get more money. I won’t be getting anything else from them.

This is the 2nd time this has happened. Ill be going to edible arrangements next time.

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We’re sorry the delivery came so late in the day. Unfortunately for Valentine’s Day, our carriers are swamped with the sheer volume of orders being shipped across the country for the holiday. We put the delivery time frame on the site to give you a fair idea in advance that the orders can arrive later in the day so you can prepare accordingly just in case the address they are going to lies later on the route. Deliveries can be set for morning delivery, however the carriers charge extra to put them on trucks that are delivering out of route,… Read more »

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