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I made a large order to Sharis Berries that would arrive on Valentine’s Day for my wife. I made the order on February the 3rd thinking that would be plenty of time. I even paid the additional $16 or $17 to guarantee that it would arrive on the 14th. I went to my account several times to check the status and everything seemed fine. (ship – to address was correct, delivery date was still the 14th., etc.) I couldn’t understand why the funds never came out of my account. (I thought they would probably charge me the day it shipped)

I called on the 13th to make sure everything was still good. They kept me on and off of hold for over 45 minutes with no answer for me. The only thing they said was it was mistake on their end and the earliest they could have the product delivered was the 15th. They had my phone #. They had my email address. Yet, they never contacted ME to let me know that there was something wrong.

I had to contact them to find out they could not back up my purchase. But after 45 minutes on hold, the woman came back and just hung up on me. bad customer service.

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If our system goofed on your order, that’s not acceptable and we’ll make it right for you. Please email me with the order number to -Steve

My $103.22 order for Valentines Day was scheduled for delivery on the 13th or 14th. Today, I find out the shipping label was printed today and the delivery will be tomorrow the 15th. What good are expensive stawberries that show up when Valentines Day is over. Totally unacceptable. I sent an email to customer service and told them that was not what I ordered and would not have ordered strawberries for delivery on the 15th. So far have not received a responce. Fortunately, I paid by credit card and will gladly dispute the charge as an unfulfilled order.

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