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77 yr old Mother became a “victim” of the housing crisis in 2010 just as so many other people have. Citi Mtg. transferred Mom’s loan to Seterus to assist in modifying her loan. After many month’s of this nightmare Mom was then offered a DIL (Deed in Lieu of) this process started in May 2012. 1.5 months from now it will be one year since this nightmare has started. Seems when Mom purchased her property in 2003 there was a lien attached to the property belonging to the previous owner. Mom not being in the Mtg. business has no such knowledge of this. However, the lender, the title co. etc. ALL had knowledge of this but somehow came to the conclusion to go ahead and fund this loan.

Fast forward to 2005–Mom needed a little breathing room. Opted to refi this loan. When title search etc. was done again to complete the refi. Said lien was STILL appearing on the title search. STILL showed it “belonged” to the previous owner back in 2003 BUT yet again the title co, mtg. co. etc. all thought it would be a good idea to yet again fund the refi loan.

Fast, fast, fast forward 2013 (Yep-10 years later) Mom has been offered the Deed in Lieu of however since the lien NOT belonging to my Mother….NOT her responsibility…. SOMEHOW has now become my Mom headache to take care of. WHY??? Because Seterus says it is now 77 yr. old Mom’s responsibility. What happened back in 2003…when it should have been previous owners responsibility…..title co’s responsibility/?? lenders responsibility?

Just made yet another call to Seterus to find out where Mom goes from here since she has run into roadblock after roadblock in her attempt to FIX the mistakes of others. Shame. Attempted to gather name of a supervisor at Seterus. Not sure what they are hiding. Getting the info. from an (un-named at this time) employee of seterus was like going to the dentist. Mom has never had to deal with such unprofessional people in all her life. Of course Mom does not expect any results from this arena—feels better just letting other people know of the inability to get ANY assistance from those that should have all the answers to your Mtg. woes.

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