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I set up an automatic draft in feb for March;s payment to come out of my checking account for march 19th. I had the money early so I paid the bill March the 7th, I cancelled the automatic draft and they promised me it would not be taken out. They lied and drafted my account on the 19th, my bank saw the same payment already maid so they sent it back but it cost me 35.00 for overdraft fee.

I again complained but they said they would try 3 more times to get the money out of my account for a payment I already maid , so far I am 70.00 in the hole. Also, I paid my taxes on my house in dec, it was late but it got paid, Seterus went and paid the same tax in Jan and my house payment went up 600.00 a month and I still have not gotten any credit from Seterus for my taxes I paid even though the tax office sent them the payment back.

This is the worst mortgage company in the world.

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