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i was billed for my “free” credit reports after I was told I would not be billed until my “free” period was up. I found out they had billed my debit account, which will put me overdrawn if any other charges come in.

When I called to complain and ask that my money be refunded, the young lady I talked to said she could not do that. When I ask for a number to speak to someone who could, she said she could not give me a phone number to talk to corporate because “they have no phones” in the corporate office!!.

What’s up with that???? I never heard of a company having no phones in their home office.

All she would give me was an email address and they would reply in 2-3 days, like that’s going to help. me. I had to ask several times to get the email address.

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Hello ,I took advantage of there free credit scores ,from the 3major companies, I gave them my name ,and address I believe and then the stupidest thing I could have done …I gave them my social security number and checked the box asking if I had a checking account …this was just a few days ago ,am I screwed??

Was aware of the free trial period of of service for 7 days that I paid a dollar for. Tried to cancel out he seventh day period but due to the holiday they were closed. Called once that day was over had cancel and advised on a full refund of 29.95. Received email that same day of canceling was refunded back my 1.00 but how about this they charge my account 29.95. Called back in ready mode the following day and advised that I will let my bank know this is a scam in which they have defraud my account.… Read more »
12/20/2013, Hi, same complaint here, FREE request results in a charge of $29.95. I even went the extra step of calling in before the FREE check and was told a credit card was only necessary to secure the FREE check and I would not be charged. I have called in twice and told the clerk would send a request to corporate office. There is no phone number available to talk to a decision maker, they hide behind a call center clerk. The 3895 and 6327 are only call center clerks. A reputable business will make the decision makers available, even… Read more »

i really dont understand why this company cant just be honest….

This company takes your 1$ – you call to cancel and they keep billing you. Its a total scam – they also give out bogus corporate phone numbers – stay away!!!!!!!!!!

I used my minor child’s debit card a year ago to check my credit and they have charged it every month.When I had to report where her money goes I could not explain cause I did not know until I looked into amount deposited on beginning of the month and first withdrawal.I want the money they took for that entire year.

they got me too… I’ve called and they said the same thing no # to call corporate…this is bull this company is a scam artist …. i would never recommend SCORE SENSE…. have fun with my money ….

Same thing has happened to me as well After getting a credit report in December, My account was debited 3 times on december 28 and 2 times on january 25 2013 for the same amount of $19.95. When asked for a refund and a cancellation of the account because I was not aware of the monthly charged, they denied my request to refund by cancelled the account I am still trying to fight this ridiculous charge. Like I tell them, you don’t go to a store to buy a pair of pants, for say $50 and 3 months you realized… Read more »


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