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I ordered two blouses, one size fits all. And one baby doll pajama set also one size fits all.

Months later the products arrive.

Hmm, the button holes did not match up with the buttons. Some were even missing a button or a hole.

The one size fits all is quite laughable. If you are a 2 year old you might just make the blouses work as dresses but as a size 6 I was clear out of luck.

Of course what should I have expected for $8? No, I will never order from Sammydress again. Learn and live.

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Everything here is your fault

1. They provide measurements on the site

2. Be aware that it will take a month

My sister orders from the real site (Yesstyle) and it always takes a month.

Its economy shipping from China.

As far as the shirt quality, well its a fake duh! Do your research. I’m glad you got ripped off.

Hey, I really want to order from them but now I’m not sure, reading all these reviews. I’d be okay with waiting for my stuff for a month, but I really don’t want to get crappy clothes from a fake website. So, what do you mean by "the real website" (Yesstyle)? I’ll be looking that up, but ‘m not sure what you meant…


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