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I purchased over $700 plus 200 shipping. It took a month for them to ship and about two weeks for processing. I received my shipment on two different days and didn’t receive have of my purchase due to out of stock items that I paid for with their shipping. After reviewing the items I bought I found horrible stitching.

Some stitching was coming in raveled and collars uneven. Most of the dresses were completely see through with no lining. There was no chance of trying to resell. I couldn’t sell to others what they old to me, it’s not fair. I sent them a problem ticket saying I was not happy with my purchase and they said they would give me partial credit due to the fact that that I did purchase the items but I would have to pay for the return shipping.

One the order that never received they said that they would reimburse me partially for the items I didn’t receive and I still had to pay for shipping. It took them three weeks to reimburse me.

Basically don’t order from this place it’s horrible.

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I ordered a dress from Sammy Dress. The description said it was made of spandex. I recieved a dress made of cheap, very thin, horribly wrinkly rayon! Threads are sticking out from all the seams and some seams are coming undone! I complained to them. This is not as described on the website. They gave their endless apology but no offer of a refund. I see now they have revised the description on the site to: Cotton Blend. It says on their site that they ship within 24 hrs. It took a month to get my crappy rag.


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