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I have had problems with my computer for some time, slow. not connecting or simply dropping. On the main page I kept reading “Pay to get Computer cleaned and fixed”. Since I don’t have a lot of money I kept putting it off. However, this month I decided I would try it.

Mind you, it is advertised on POGO, so I thought it would be SAFE!!…

It was to clean up all unnecessary litter and all bad files, etc. I cost originally $29.95 plus $10 activation fee (I think, I’ve had brain surgery, can’t remember things) then the guy Amid says “wait a minute I can’t fix this, someone else can, but it will cost you an additional $75”. Thinking that because it is advertised and on POGO, I’m thinking all this is ligit.

However, I tell Amid I don’t have that kind of $$. So he says, “we can do it for $50. That’s when the bells went off!!!! I’m so desperate to get this computer up and running so I don’t have to stop and shut down every other game that I stupidly said OK. Now I STILL HAVE THE PROBLEM, AND AM OUT OF ALL THE MONEY!! please help me get my $$ back and get my computer fixed!!

Just imagine how many ppl they have done this to and how much $$ they have acquired under POGO’s name. I am so upset and STILL and the same problem..I would like to see my money back PLUS and a safe environment on my computer!! PLEASE HELP ME!!

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