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I ordered The True Secret of Writing: Connecting Life with Language by Natalie Goldberg from myrockland some time around Oct. 18.  I received an email on Oct. 21 saying that the book had been shipped. The email said that the book would arrive between Oct. 21 and Nov. 8.

I guess it is my fault not to have believed that shipping could take two weeks, but my experience with Amazon has always been that books arrive in a couple of days even when the email says they may take longer to arrive.

I took the envelope the book was sent in to the post office, and the clerk told me that the book had not been mailed until Nov. 2; It arrived on Nov. 4, which indicates that shipping actually took two days, about what I would have expected.

Why did myrockland tell me it was shipped on Oct. 21?

I needed the book for a class and would have made other arrangements if I had known it would take so long to arrive. With all the choices on Amazon, I do not recommend buying anything from myrockland.

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