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Address: 12030 s Cicero Alsip, Illinois 60803

LA Fitness refused to allow me to pay when they never notified me by email,text,phone or otherwise that my account was due. I have belonged to ballys for 26 years and when lA fitness took over they never billed me. Due to the fact I paid 2 years in advance with Ballys, they may have been confused, but I should not be penalized. I went to la fitness and asked how they billed and was told “dont worry sir we have your info and you will be billed.

i did not attend la fitness for awhile due to health reasons. when I began to go back to la fitness they never informed me of a due bill. i inquired to them after swiping in and being allowed entry. The clerk then said “Oh you are in a non payment status.” i asked to speak to someone and informed him as why i had not been there recently even though i think it is none of thier business. I was told no one was available and if I brought a doctors note I should be “all good”

I have since been given the run around by 3 employees. The most recent just ignoring and saying there is nothing I can do. How and why would I pay a bill over 25 years and then just stop. I have my bill down to$75.00per year and that is the reason la fitness is giving me the run around. This is totally unacceptable and I am not going to go away quietly!!!!!!!!

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