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I place 3 orders one evening totaling over $400. On the third order I requested them be combined as they were all placed with in a few hour period. I then requested via e-mail they be combined.

No Reply…3 1/2 months went by. I started to worry and sent them an e-mail to request status.

No reply… I finally get an e-mail that they were having an issue with my card. I sent them the card info again and requested they combine my orders. When I got the package they billed me for shipping 3 times and sent it in one box. Part of my order was not included. i requested they refund my money for the parts and the two extra shipping charges. They replied back they would send my parts but could not combine the order. I replied back that they already did when they processed on the same day and put them in one box. They were very rude through out the process…

A month has gone by and I dont have my parts or a refund.. I am out $100 These people dont know how to run a business… At this point its fraud. They have taken my money and not supplied the products.

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I will heed everyones input and will NOT place an order with these losers.
Thank you, all.


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