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Ok so after reading on a couple of sites peoples experience with RGuns.net I was thinking maybe its just one or two people that had a bad experience so I decided to give them a try since the upper I wanted was listed as “in stock”. Before ordering I saw the banner on their homepage showing that “We have doubled our staff and are working around the clock. This is not an inventory issue – it is purely shipping and hours in the day issue. Your order WILL be filled”. I find it hard to believe that after waiting exactly a month and a half after ordering an “in stock” upper that six weeks later with double your original staff you havent gotten around to putting it in a box and having the UPS driver pick it up. To top it off after four weeks I sent an email just to check on my order this is what I sent and the response….

I ordered an upper marked “in stock” on your site. I understand you
are busy but if this product was marked in stock by mistake could I
please get a response reflecting that, my order number is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

As said in a previous email I have a group of Soldiers in my unit that
are wanting to purchase, but are waiting to see this one I ordered

yes. it is in line.

Ok sounds good, fast forward two more weeks and I sent this. Keep in mind they have a $100 dollar cancellation fee if you cancel your order.

It has now been a month and a half on a purchase for an upper you had
as “in stock” on your site. I wouldn’t mind except with your $100
dollar cancellation fee I feel I am being kept hostage for an order
that may or may not ever come. Can I please get an estimate on a
delivery date or an email confirmation my order can be canceled
without a $100 fee and I will take my business elsewhere if you are unable to fill it.

Myke Anderson



Im not sure who they have answering their emails but if one of my employees responded to emails and had the customer service skills this person displays they would be looking for new work. I have roughly 15 Soldiers that were wanting to look at their product that were going to buy around $9000 or more in guns. Oh and dont bother calling no matter what time of day or day of the week no one answers Looks like we will be looking for someone else to take our money ;)

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