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I ordered two AR15 gun kits right about the time Sandy Hook happened. When i ordered my kits they showed as “in stock”. The day after I ordered my parts they updated their site to show 2 weeks delay. I emailed and asked what I should expect as I have clients that I ordered the parts for and got the reply as a copy paste from their site….whatever.

So another few days later their site updates to show 4 weeks, so i waited until it had been almost 6 weeks before i emailed them again only to get zero response.

Another couple weeks went buy and my credit card got charged, so i figure wooo hooo, I am gonna get parts because #3 on their site says I wont be charged until the product is ready to be shipped.

Another 1.5 weeks goes buy and I attempted to email them again and ask if it had been shipped because i was worried the rifle parts had been lost in transit or stolen. The reply i got was that they would look and if it hadn’t shipped yet, they were going to cancel my order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I replied immediately to NOT cancel order, i just wanted to follow up to see what happened……no response.

So, i typed another new email without any history and asked them what happened and i got a reply. The reply said “>in process”. I have no idea what that means, but mean while another 2 weeks have gone bye and I have now lost the money would would of earned from those two gun builds and I am pretty sure I have lost those clients permanently.

I am out at least $1000 today due to their extremely poor customer service.

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