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I ordered a BCG from Rguns on January 11, 2013 I emailed and they confirmed they actually had the BCG in stock and it would be shipped but in 4 weeks. February 8th I send another e-mail asking because it was past the 4 weeks promised and they responded they were 20k orders behind but soon. March 11th I sent another e-mail and they said “this week”……then on March 21st I sent another asking and the answer was……… >we are spending so much time with thousands of e mails that we are behind in shipping.

They claim they have a $100 cancellation fee. I just want the darn BCG and I’ll never deal with them again……..either they are lying about having my part in stock from the very beginning or are unable to manage a business in an appropriate manner.

I contracted and they agreed for the 4 weeks……if they had said 12 weeks from the beginning I would have waited but they set the time frame and now they break the rules and the last time I asked they gave me a “smart ****” answer……….Rguns send me the part or send me a letter saying you can not or will not fill orders as promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bid on stuff through and the seller fills the order as soon as you finish the transaction!


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