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I ordered a Mosin Nagant PU sniper from them the beginning of March no money has been taken out of my account & hasn’t shipped.  I’ve emailed them asking if they were in stock they replied “yes” but after reading a few reviews they seem to lie about whats in stock? I don’t know what to think about all of this.  Considering their website says allow 4 weeks for shipping on the AR’s only and not anything else I’m wondering why it hasn’t shipped or any progress whatsoever in that case.

If anyone has ordered a Mosin Nagant from them and has been waiting longer than I have please let me know so I can order this other rifle I want from a different place, I still got time to wait to cancel my order because of that “$25 cancellation fee” but if some people have been waiting longer I can for sure get the idea my order will not come anytime soon so I’ll be good on ordering a different rifle.

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file a complaint on your credit card do not except any fees, they are rude and called me a their because i never received my gun. i wish i did some research on these guys learned my lesson hopefully you will too

you paid $820 for a Mosin Nagant??? ur retarded!!!

I ordered an upper in febuary 2013 . One month and a day later I sent them an email, due to the notice on their page that said it would be shipped in thirty days. Well it had been 31 days and I still hadnt been billed. The response email was only two words "order canceled" . I brushed it off and went on about life. Six months later they billed my account for the 585.00 for the upper . Two weeks later after I filed a dispute and have already been reimbursed the order showed up at my door.… Read more »

I had order a rifle with a turned down bolt and a spam can of ammo–took almost 3 months and I did have to email and make inquiry about items. I did receive them- and was quite satisfied with the rifle,especially–super accurate and in xcellant condition.They were very short in responding email-but I got what I ordered.


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