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I ordered a complete upper from Surplus Ammo and Arms on 6/17/13 and received a UPS tracking number on 6/21/13 saying it would be delivered on 6/26/13.

So I sent an email to Rguns saying, “More than 7 weeks since I ordered, but your website clearly states, “no inquiries.” Since you seem to be too busy to take an “in stock” part and put it in a box, you may go ahead and cancel my order with no cancellation fee.”

Then received this response:

“yes for just 1 box you are right. the problem is we have tens of thousands of orders to process. the we have the time taking im checking on my order guys. ect ect. order is TERMINATED.”

(exact quote they apparently are not comfortable with written english either)

clearly they don’t appreciate their customers and will be happier if their, “Thousands of orders,” evaporated.

I know it I had that problem there would be no way it would take longer than a week to ship after having sufficient time to solve the manpower problem.

Anyway I was very happy to do my part in easing their problem, and happy to have the order TERMINATED.  I can only imaging how difficult it would be to deal with a problem if this is how they handle their ordering. Now I won’t have to deal with them if there is a problem.

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