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Silly me I let the dog bite me twice. I actually drove a few hundred miles to their store to have them build a custom upper. After spending an hour picking out parts and the having the moron behind the counter check to see all parts were in stock I gave them the go ahead to build the upper with a 16″ fluted barrel.

I was told I could pick it up the next day, I stayed at a friends and just before they closed I went to get my upper. Their” MASTER” gunsmith had built it with an 18″ barrel and put on the wrong flash suppressor. The counter goof told me they had been out of 16″ barrels so they used an 18″, when I asked why they didn’t call me he had no reply!!! He just said said they were not going to charge me extra. Fortunately I did not prepay, it made leaving with out wanting to #%&@* him.

On 2/28/13 being desperate for a bolt assembly to finish a rifle I called RGUNS. They said it would be a one month turn around, well it’s 4/24/13 and still no bolt! I had called a month ago and much to my surprise someone answered and said the bolt would go out within the week!!!

Since they do not answer the phone or emails, I have cancelled my order and will never due business with them again.

I have great success with JSE Surplus and DSARMS. Haven’t charged my card yet Blocking them today after reading other complaints

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