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An on-line order was placed on January 28,2013 for an AR upper their website indicated was “in stock”. After two months of waiting, I tried calling them. All I got was an old recording stating orders placed in December were taking a bit longer to ship.

I started sending e-mails to and to requesting information about my order. After a dozen e-mails I am still waiting on a response.

On May 15, 2013 I received an e-mail from UPS stating a tracking label had been created and they were contacting me at the request of Sportswereus, inc.. UPS also included a tracking number.

I checked with my credit card company and RGUNS had charged my card.

I sent an e-mail to UPS requesting information about the package. Their response was they had received an electronic transmission of package data from the shipper (RGUNS) but the shipper (RGUNS) had not actually transfered the package to UPS. I keep tracking the number sent to me but the result is always the same –” Package is not in their system”

I fear RGUNS has my money and is not going to send me what I ordered. I’m wondering if this is fraud and if I take legal action against RGUNS.

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