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I recently tried to order 2 BCG’s from RGuns. Their web site said they were in stock, and would ship in “at least 4 weeks”. After 10 weeks, I hadn’t heard anything, so I emailed an inquiry. I got a response that said simply “1 week”. Four weeks later, I still had not heard anything, so I emailed again, this is what I got in response (actually copied from their email):

“after sandy hook we were flooded with orders AND E MAILS. I have to send this same e mail 400-500 times per day. so when we could be processing more orders i have to make you feel good that you are still the most impotent person that has placed a panic order. so we have to pull staff away to look and check on so many order we get less shipped. ”

I told them that I found the BCG’s elsewhere, and anted to cancel my order, so they said (again copied):

“order terminated. **** off.”

In my opinion, this guy is not a reputable businessman, so I wouldn’t deal with them if I were you. I will say that they never did charge my credit card.

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