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I ordered two complete upper assemblies to the tune of $1155.00! They stated in stock and will ship immediately. HA! I ordered them Jan 20th 2013, today is April 28th 2013! Still no Barrels! I have tried over and over to contact them and they will not answer or return phone calls. Their answering machine states full and wont let you leave a return message.

Their website stated do not contact them.

If i cancel they will charge me $100!!! i believe this is a very fraudulent company and does not deserve to have a FFL license and someone should do whatever it takes to have it suspended or cancelled due to fraudulent and misleading practices….

STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS! GO to Adams Arms pay a little more and get better service!!!

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I’ve ordered a number of different items from these guy in the past six months. It took forever to get my order, but they all made it. They sent one order twice, but I could use the parts anyway.

Their not a fraud and won’t charge your card if you cancel. The problem is industry wide with the high demands. It’s basic economics about supply and demand.

I work in the industry as a supplier and all parts are hard to come by right now.


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