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One day I got call from resume2excel.com and they said we have job for you in gulf but before processing to interview you have to pay 2200 service charge. Before i pay 2200 rs. I ask the representative that after this amount, there no any other payment? They said there is no extra cost they required. So, i paid that but than they told me that for your profile verification you have to pay 4400 rs. So i got angrier and said you told me that there is no extra charges than why are you asking about 4400 rs. He said this hierarchy comes today so you have to pay this otherwise i lost that money. So i said take that money as a tip for you and never call me back…

The day after this they called me back and said WE are going to refund your amount so you have to come online and you have minimum 2500rs. in your account. So first of all i transfer all of my money to other account and did what they guided me in website. At the end they said you have to confirm your transaction and than a option will come that (“PAY” OR “REFUND”) AND must choose refund i said okay… When i click on confirm transaction there is no option.

I asked them to you theft my money… HE immediately drop my call and yet i didn’t their call back…

I request to all of you that Please dont pay money in resume2excel.com as well as any of a recruiter who ask about money before any interview.

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