White Spider Rentals Response: Response from Ian Walston – Manager of White Spider Rental

This customers tale of the events are completely dishonest. We are a company that prides ourselves in giving a fun and memorable experience to our customers and making sure every customer is treated fairly. In the case of this customer, he got a brand new fresh out of the crate beautiful machine. I asked this customer to inspect the machine before leaving and note any damage at the bottom of the contract, but seeing how it was brand new and had only 1 mile on it there was nothing to be seen. This customer was also asked to read over the contract and initial and sign if he agrees to the terms and conditions, which he refused to read. I went above and beyond for this customer. When the customer realized he did not reserve paddle tires he so much desired, he became very upset. On that specific day we were sold out of paddle tires so I took it upon myself to drive 20 minutes away to a local supplier to spend over $900 for brand new paddle tires just so this customer would have a good trip. Once this former customer returned the machine he failed to tell us that he had rolled the machine and then drove away, leaving the damage for us to discover later. A short time later this machine was inspected and it was discover that there was a huge crack in the bed, the seat belt had been damaged, roll cage had been badly scratched and slightly bent and a mixture of oil and sand was everywhere from it being rolled. I called our local part supplier and got the price for new parts and marked the parts up 25% like it states in the contract that this customer signed. I called this customer and explained to him what I had discovered. I immediately told him what it would cost to fix the machine and sent him pictures by phone message so he could see everything. He explained to me that he had no idea how the damage happened and that someone else must have done it, even though it was fresh out of the crate and he along with a few other guys inspected this machine. After the evidence was sent to him, he agreed to pay the bill and for me to please email him the invoice, so I did that day. Later I received multiple calls from this former customer arguing with me about the cost of the parts and him trying to compare our prices with internet bargain prices. I explained to him that all our parts come from one local Polaris dealer and we cannot compete with those internet suppliers. Later that day after emotions seemed to have simmered down and the customer finally confessed the damage could have happened while in his care, I told this customer I would see if there was anything we could do to reduce the bill to help him out.

To make sure we are always available to our customers in the event of any emergency I forward all calls to my personal mobile phone after hours. Then about 7:30pm while I was home with my children I get a strange call from a guy who won’t tell me his name then proceeds to verbally attack me and call me names, threaten me and tell me how all we do is take advantage of people. I finally got the stranger to confess he was a relative of the customer I spoke with earlier. Through out this call this guys threats and name calling went on for several minutes. He stated that we try to trick people and that I told them not to read the contract. Which I strongly disagreed and explained that I always urge customers to read the contract but unfortunately nobody ever does, not even lawyers that rent from us. I explained to the caller that we fully disclose everything. Unfortunately this caller refused listen to me and resolve the matter calmly and proceeded to tell me he and his group are going to try to put us out of business and then ended call.

This former customer’s claim that I told him not to read the contract is completely false, I did say the contract is like most rental contracts and makes the customer responsible for all damage caused by the customer and it was strange that majority of our customers never want to read the contract and that he should but it is up to him. In the topic of the cost of parts, his claim is yet again untrue. Our parts come from a reputable local Polaris dealer and are parts may be marked up to a max of 25% as most resellers do. This former customer talks about the time we charged for repair. The labor charge is accurate for the time it took to discover what damage he was hiding as well as the time it would take pick up the parts, to remove all parts attached to the bed and then re-attach them, plus to replace the damaged seat belt and it took a good chunk of time to clean all oil from the resonator, fender, flares and sand from breather for the engine oil. Once something is damaged and has not been repaired yet we do not charge if additional damage is caused to the same part. I never told the customer he ruined the engine, I told him that due to the quantity of sand and oil that was found in the breather tube for the engine oil, there was a chance of damage to the engine but then quickly confirmed no sand had reached the engine. All of our Polaris machines are carefully and thoroughly maintained and inspected and are always ready for a trip to any vacation spot. This former customer would want you to believe I was rude, unprofessional and on the financial attack, which couldn’t be further from the truth. All we asked of this customer is to please take care of our machine and if you damage a part, then please pay for it to be fixed or replaced. I treated this customer and his group with the up most respect, professionalism and honesty anyone would require, I just wish they would have done the same.

To all future and former customers we feel so blessed to have have the opportunity to serve you, we take great pride in our business and care deeply about each customers experience, rights and opinions. In this case the customer knew he caused damage and refused to notify us about it and then got mad because he made a promise to take care of our equipment and pay for all damage. As a rental company we wish every customer can have a great experience and return our machines with no damage but the unfortunate reality is these machines are taken out on rugged terrains, driven at high speeds and operated in dangerous conditions and damage can occur. We make every attempt to explain the risks and financial obligations to our customers and provide them with all the safety tips we can, so that we may help them to have a successful trip.

Documentation of the invoice, pictures, phone calls and cost of parts may be made available for examination to anyone who wishes to learn the facts. The customers identity will not be made available to the public due to privacy rights.

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