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We recently decided to have installed replacement windows and vinyl siding on our house. We contacted three companies to obtain comparison bids. Although I liked another company better, during their sales presentation they cautioned me that one of the competing companies might try to increase the estimate after I signed the contract. I did not choose that company because, as a small business owner, I always solicited business based on how good my service was. not by listing how bad the competition was.

About two weeks after signing the contract with Sea-Thru Windows, sure enough, I was called and told that they needed an additional $1,700.00 to complete the job. I pointed out that I had a signed contract to which they responded that “in the fine print” it stated that the contract was not binding until it had been reviewed by a manager. I told them to simply cancel the contract then.

A couple of days later I was contacted by Sea-Thru Windows and told that they would honor the original price. I paid the 50% deposit on the job and it was scheduled. The understanding was that it would be completed in 4-6 weeks.

When they finally started the job, much later than promised, I went out the day after the windows were installed and immediately noticed that the windows installed were not the windows I had been shown during the sales presentation. I pointed this fact out to the crew leader who said he would have someone contact me concerning it.

Ten days later the siding was finally finished but the gutters and shutters were still all on the ground and there were nails and all sorts of trash left everywhere. I complained about this and they advised when the gutters were installed all the mess would be cleaned up. In the mean time two weeks had passed and I had left two additional messages for the sales person and the company owner to contact me concerning the way the job had been handled, but still no return call.

The day after the siding job was completed one of the air conditioner outside units quit working. When the service person arrived he found that the cut off box had been grounded out (short circuited) when it was reattached to the side of the house by the siding crew. Two more weeks passed and I was still waiting for the gutters to be replaced and a return call from the owner or the sales person so we could discuss the incorrect windows being installed. We cleaned up the nails and mess as there are children and dogs at the house.

Over three weeks passed before the new gutters were finally installed and the shutters reattached. I also finally received a call from the sales person who related that he did not have any notes indicating which windows I had selected. I explained that their television commercials only showed one style of window (with the slats in them), the sample window he showed me had slats in it, and he never mentioned that there was more than one style window from which to choose. I told him I did not choose a window because I was never given any option. As far as I knew that was the only window they offered. His response was that the window I wanted was $30.00 more to which I replied that it made no sense for me to spend over $10,000.00 for a job and not spend an extra couple of hundred dollars getting the window that I wanted.

They finally did agree to pay the air conditioner service call bill although, to this day I have never received any response from repeated requests for a contact from the company owner. So, to sum things up, they gave a quote on the job and then tried to get an additional $1,700.00 for it, they took from May to September to do a job that was promised in 4-6 weeks, I ended up doing much of the clean-up behind the workmen, they shorted out the air conditioner outside unit (although they did pay the repair bill), we had to do additional repair to two outside receptacles, one of which was just left dangling without any protection whatsoever, and I now have the wrong windows in my house.

This has been quite the learning experience for me and I will never have any further dealings with the Sea-Thru Window Company. I know this is a rather long description but I wanted to present a complete and accurate story. In all fairness to Sea-Thru Windows I do want to say that the quality of the siding job was good, however, all of the deficiencies I have outlined above have made an otherwise acceptable job a very poor one.

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