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Branch / Location of Complaint: Super 8 Mason
Address: 5589 Kings Mills Road Mason, Ohio 45040

On 7/16/2013 I booked and paid $94.71 for a hotel room through to stay at Super 8 motel in Mason Ohio for a one night stay on 8/2/2013. I arrived late and my daughter and I were greeted by an unpleasant staff member, Mary who didn’t speak clearly or loud enough to try to understand. She took our paperwork and my license and went into the back room.

A man came storming out of the back and demanded a $100.00 security deposit for our stay, I tried to ask why he would request that, we were late but no reason to demand a deposit. He became irate and ordered us out of “His Hotel” and off “His property”.

When I tried again to ask why he screamed, I know what your trying to do now get out, I asked him to call the police and he threatened to, which I encouraged but he just kept screaming at me telling me to get off his property, he owns it.

This man Gurwinder Singh was very unapproachable and I feared for my safety as well as my daughter. Very unprofessional and no reason given as to why I couldn’t have stayed in the hotel where I had already prepaid for the room.

I want my $94.71 refunded as entitled to me.

Thank you for the assistance with this matter.

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