We were in dire need in getting a home - Standard Capital US

We were in dire need in getting a home so we looked at the the newspaper ad and found this company:Standard Capital US; and we were thrilled that they would help us get a home.  We did our contacts as informed and months passed and no replys from the contact letters that we sent.

so we went to our local tax office to get addresses and phone numbers and still no contact. so we started to get frustrated and started contacting Standard Capital US and they kept on with the same story about the contacts and to get a refund we needed 5 denial letters.

so I replied how can we get 5 denial letters if nobody is responding? so I basically told them that without the denial letters we are screwed out of our 199.00 and the man said “yes”. so I told the man I would get on my computer and file a complaint on this company.

So I would like to let other people out there not to get involved with these people because they will keep your money!!!!

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