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I decided to try PV Body after seeing an add for the on Facebook. I did a little research on the company but didn’t uncover much that brought on any “red flags”. My first outfit was charged, processed, and shipped in a (semi) timely fashion. I received my first outfit within 7 days of being charged. With high hopes I anxiously awaited my second outfit. The second outfit was shown as “processing” on the PV Body website and the shipment shown as “initiated” on FedEx on Sunday, January 20th.

The charge for the outfit, however, was promptly processed on Monday or Tuesday (1/21 or 1/22).

On Thursday, after there was no change in the status of my order on either the PV Body site OR FedEx, I sent an email to the customer service dept of PV Body. The reply from customer service was same day and discussed PV Body waiting on a new shipment of stock (“REEAAAALLY cute stuff”), but that my tracking info should be updated and the shipment sent out by week’s end (and that if the status did not change by week’s end, Claire, would personally package my shipment and send it out herself).

Well, come Tuesday of the next week there was NO update and NO shipment. I contacted customer service a second time and have not been so fortunate to receive a reply yet. From the messages on this ONE website (along with the various comments), apparently this company is either a scam OR they are severally over their heads in business. Either way, this is a definite “buyer-beware” company. I’m not saying you’ll have he same experience, but where there is smoke, there is fire!

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I don’t believe the company is a scam, but I do believe they have not fully established their processes and procedures to handle the amount of business they achieved. If they had only done that with their first venture (at least, the first I used), that would be one thing. PV Body would take your color, style, and size preferences, charge you a flat fee, and send you a set once per month. That process should be easir than taking an order. They were having some issues with that, and then they started Ellie.com where you have a "membership" that… Read more »

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