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My elderly parents were talked into buying a vacation package through Premier Cancun Vacations. They were forced to cancel the trip due to health issues. The company refused to refund the down payment, so my folks were out over $1600. Later, the company called and kept pushing my folks to make the final reservations and to pay for the rest of the trip.

My mother has Alzheimer’s disease, my father suffers from dementia, heart disease, and COPD. They kept saying they didn’t want to do the trip, but the salesperson kept telling them they were going to lose their deposit. Dad got confused and gave them his credit card information and re-booked. When our family found out, we called the credit card company and cancelled the payment. We also called Premier Cancun Vacations and explained my parents’ health problems and asked that they not contact them again. They agreed.

A few months later, another salesperson from the company called my dad again. They kept telling him that he was going to lose money if he didn’t book and kept pushing him. He just kept telling the person that he wanted to cancel, but was starting to waiver under high pressure sales. Fortunately, the salesperson had such a strong accent that my dad couldn’t understand her, so he didn’t go through.

Refusing to give up, she then sent my dad an email telling him he needed to fill out the form to book the trip and pay the balance due. I happened to call at that time and told him to delete the email.

A month later, another salesperson from Premier Cancun Vacations called and pressured my dad into giving his credit card information and booking a trip he can’t possibly take. I contacted the salesperson who did this. He told me that no alert had been put on my dad’s account and no instructions not to call them. He would not give me the name or phone number of anyone higher up. He said the only way to reach the company was to email the.

I find that extremely cowardly, but typical of this kind of predatory business. I emailed them, but have not yet received a response.

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