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Address: 18401 South Dixie Hwy. Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157

On 23 jan.2013 at 1115 am.My wife and i visited popeyes at 18401 s.Ixie hwy.Palmetto bay fl. Responding to ur tv ad for wicked chicken. The cashier took our order and informed us there would be a 8 min. Delay, shortly 1 min. She informed us that the chicken was frozen. I told the cashier to cancel the order.

Immediately the manager arrived to void the purchase and she told us the chicken was frozen. I remarked that this inexcusable. She immediately gave us a refund and with no apology or further comment , closed the incident. I consider this poor management and not up to standards of popeyes……

We are what i consider charter customers in as much as we were there for the opening approx. Eleven yrs ago when the district manager visited our table. We have been steady customers of this locale and visit at least three times a month.. This has been the only distasteful incident we have experienced. Thank you. Gff

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