Extremely Rude Crew Members at Popeye’s - Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Address: 1412 N Main St Gainesville, Florida 32601

My fiance and I decided to go to Popeye’s June 4th, 2013. After ordering our food at the speaker phone, while pulling around to the pay window, we realized that we’d like to add another piece of chicken to our order.

It seems like a simple request right? Wrong!

Once we got to the window and politely asked the cashier if we could have just one piece of chicken added to our order, she responds, “Well you should have asked for that when you first ordered”, in a very snide, rude, and sarcastic manner. On top of that, I began to hear other crew members in the background saying things like “they **** shoulda asked for this before”, and other comments regarding our request.

Just being plain nasty and rude and acting as if we’d asked them to go do rocket science.

I cannot believe how big of a deal they made one simple request.

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