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Im f***in’ ****. My last profile got deleted. I’m pretty sure it was because I was asking too many people if they wanted to have some fun. My exact words. So I just took an hour to make a new profile. I sent a couple messages asking How are you.

Next thing I know my profile is deleted AGAIN. Who the f**k do you think you are? denying people possible connections over some petty a** s**t.

Stay inside you f***in’ piece of s**t.

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Agree, pof consistenly deletes my account for no apparent reason. What a joke that site is. I said nothing to get my account deleted. I try to register and I am kicked off after 5 minutes. I tried a new e-mail and I thought I even changed my IP address on my laptop. I will not let them win. I will register from a friends house and use my Iphone to access my account. I too met quite of few great contacts now I have no way to get in touch with them. It’s as if POF enjoys playing with… Read more »

I too was deleted after building up heaps of friends over the last 8 weeks..I feel totally lost…They should at least give you a warning if you have broke one of there 500 rules….so what you’re saying is that if I change my ip I’m in with a chance?

Were you able to create a new acct? I too am deleted and no matter what I try , my acct gets delted. That site is a joke.

C’mon people POF is absolutely the worst piece of manure on the planet. Why is anyone surprised? They used to be ok…just ok…but even then they tended to attract all the losers. The women were always these sub-human, **** off, dirty, cheap whores without a brain. And the site has introduced so many restrictions you can hardly contact anybody. POF’s main concern is to PREVENT anyone from meeting people. Why? Obvious. They will lose traffic if everyone finds their mate and stops using the site. So they want you to be in a perpetual circle jerk off. Look but not… Read more »
I was a POF member for several months. Never did ANYTHING to cause a problem. Met a few people but most just want to chat on that site. That is their choice. I went away from home on business for a week and did not have my computer. People started texting my phone wanting know why I was not on POF anymore. I did not have a clue what they were referring to as my POF account was fine the last time I had logged on to it. So, whe I returned home from my business trip, I tried to… Read more »

Why after you updated/maintenance of your website i can not use the chat portion of your site? my popup blockers is turned off and i still cant cht.

I was a loyal member for 5 years,the last year as a PAYING member. Not two weeks after my paid subscription expired I was kicked off the site with NO explanation! And you cannot set up a new profile as they kick it out right away based on your computer ID number. What ****! I wrote asking for an explanation but NO reply. I had develpoed a big list of friends on there and now all is lost.Markus is obviously an ****!

there are ways to get around all that you can change your computer identifier number and reinstall your systen then use a proxy and different email but the point is why go to all that trouble for a crap site like pos.com they used to be a good site but now you can’t run any add blockers or ip blockers to keep people from prying into your computer because they are too busy doing it and if you do that is why you can’t use their site. i never use sites that i con’t run my ip blockers or ad… Read more »

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