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On May 5,2013 me and my lady made a call to Standard Capital US. We were already looking into owning our own house and starting a family of our own as well. We both had money saved that we invested, including time and gas money with the gas prices these days, driving a suv around to look at properties miles away. I looked past it too many times in the classified section. Something constantly telling me, “it doesn’t sound right, don’t do it!”

After awhile I did it and I regret it to this day. They (Standard Capitol US) talked good on the phone call that day. They made everything sound good and believable. Even constantly reassuring us that we will have several places to choose from within the first three weeks after we put $199.00 down to receive the access to their website.

Its been 4 months and counting, not a response to any letter. Too much time and money wasted. Now we’re just trying to get back what we lost so that we can continue our life and finish from where we left off, financially. We gave them a phone call to cancel the service, because we were reassured that if we did not find a place that it was guaranteed that we would get our money back. The representative told us that all we had to do was send them a certified cancellation letter in the mail and we will receive our money back within 30 days.

I never received a check. My fiance called and they act as if we never entered their program. After threats to go to the better business bureau it refreshes their memory. Now they want us to drive to each property that we sent letters to and ask them to hand over certified denial letters. We don’t have the time or money.

We’re still playing catch up after being “played”. My advice to anyone, don’t rent to own. Do it the right way and save your own money and buy your property straight out.

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hi so how do i do it to get my money back please help me step by step I called but they told me they couldn’t help me


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