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In January of this year 2013, I asked for a payoff on my house. They mailed it to me and said it was good until Feb. 21st. We sent a check to them , paying off the full amount. They sent it back to me per UPS, with only me being able to sign for it in person. I filled out the form to have them leave it at my door, they said no.

After two weeks of trying to find out what was being delivered to my house, that required my signature only, So I went to UPS and signed for it, opened it, and there was my check with a note that said I had to pay with a cashiers check ( that was never in the pay off letter),

So I went to the bank, got a certified check, mailed it off certified mail, return receipt required. They received it on the 19th of Feb. applied it to my account. I thought I was done, until I started getting bills stating I owed my regular payment plus foreclosure fees and late fees!

After a number of calls, I have not got any answers and they keep calling me saying I owe more! In one week I got three statements with three different amount owed! I am turning them into the attorney general of Texas, so I will see what they say! If I do not get this resolved, I am going public!

Hopefully, we can get a class action suit against them!

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