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Recently purchased the NuWave PIC with a friend. The offer was “buy one” and get one free. When order was placed it was understood that the buy one $99 plus shipping and handling and “get one” was for the shipping and handling. There was also the “Bonus Free Cookware” for both cook tops. We understood it as the shipping and handling of $29.95 for each cook top covered the shipping and handling on each cook top and for the Bonus Free cookware.

We received one box with two cook tops in it but nothing else. It cost $60.00 for shipping one box? We were told that the free cookware would cost us $70.00 more for each cook top? Really? The shipping and handling cost more than the items we ordered! Very misleading…….

shame on HearthWare Inc.!!!! If we were to send the two cook tops back, it would cost $26.00 for both! Not sure if we want to take the chance of not getting a full refund. The only refund I will probably get is for the one cooktop of $99.00. My total order came to almost $160.00. So if I send it back, it will cost me $26.00 more dollars for a total of $86.00 in shipping and handling costs and no product….geeze….really a rip off.

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The buy one get one free TV ad and the NuWave website is misleading. I’m thinking what a deal, 3 easy payments of $40 ($39.95 just round it up already), so I’m thinking my first payment due will be $40 + $30 + $30 for a total of $100.00 then just 2 more easy payments of $40 to complete the purchase. However, when I went to their website to place an order a couple of more “offers” popped up. Apparently the glass dome and digital thing that sits on top of the NuWave oven are not included and costs an… Read more »

A new potential customer uhm ..will definitely be looking at the remarks and Offer ..thanks to the comments i appreciate learning upfront ….helpful to have the facts when making a decision. I am a frequent Bed BathAnd Beyond Shopper because of a no hassle and return policy…the free gifts may or may not be worth the shopping, Is everything shipped separately? I know bath and beyond ,any times waives the shipping?

Okay, obviously I came across this post thread based on my own complaint related to deceptive advertising. Although I too am concerned about the extremely high shipping fee imposed, more importantly, where is it mentioned in the infomercial, or during the order process that you HAVE to use pots and pans that are designed for induction cooking, or the cooktop won’t work? I already have 2 dufferent sets of pots and pans that just won’t work with this product. Now, am I supposed to purchase a third set, in order to use the Nuwave? Or, take the chance of sending… Read more »

i like my nuwave pic and had to order the pots and pans for $70. but found out you can buy pots and pans cheaper just by taking a magnet with you. the shipping and handling is crazy but i like my nuwave and use them all the time.I hardly ever use my stove. i do plan on buying 2 more.

Hello, my name is Alice and I am the Social Media Coordinator for Hearthware, producers of the NuWave PIC. I just want to clarify that the free gifts offered with the PIC for just the cost of shipping and processing are certainly not mandatory. The customer can always decline. The basic offer is one PIC for $99.99 plus shipping, while the second is yours for just S&P. Induction cooktops and ranges can cost many thousands of dollars however we offer a state of the art product at a price most families and individuals can afford. Likewise the optional free gifts… Read more »

Your advertising, especially the TV Infomercial, mentions nothing about having to pay S&H on the "Free gifts" It only talks about getting a second PIC for S&H only. Deceptive to say the least!!! Your charge for S&H appears to be considerably more than what FedEx charges for return shipment for those who return the product @$26. It makes it look like you also profit from your shipping fee.


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