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My first order was by phone, some overzealous guy took the order and tried to upsell me on every option. I think the fondue kit was always part of every offer, never received it. The guy shipped me the optional larger fry pan without my approval. I called about it and they refused to swap it or just send me the smaller large fry pan. It took months before I received the second unit. by that time they changed the look of the top from glossy to opaque. I called and emailed about it and nobody would admit that they changed the product. They never answered.

In order to get the fondue kit I placed an online order, I also purchased the pots and the cast iron barbeque grill thingy. After a few months one of the cooktops starting displaying E1 right in the middle of a cooking cycle. If I unplugged it for a few seconds, it would work again. I left it alone for a few days plugged it in again and it seemed to work OK. Then I used it for awhile, a week or two, then it displayed E1 again when the pot was in the middle of cooking. This time it was locked solid. I unplugged it for a few seconds and would not reset, a few hrs no luck, a few days no luck. I called to report it and now a few weeks later, it is reset again. there is a design flaw, probably a bad capacitor somewhere that charges up and then stops working and discharges if you leave it unplugged long enough to discharge. I need to the check the other units that I bought to see if they are junk like that too.

Don’t get me wrong. If it works as advertised, it is a great little item. Problem is the reliability, when will it work and when will it stop. If I were running a business I would keep some spares around…even then if it is that unpredictable, don’t gamble your livelihood on it. For us bored guys at home, it is a nice gadget. Pots and the ceramic coating are top quality, no complaints even if I might use it for a conventional gas or electric stove.

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Hello, my name is Jeremy. I am the Social Media Coordinator for Hearthware, the makers of the NuWave PIC. I’m sorry to hear about your malfunctioning unit. Based on your description, it appears that your NuWave PIC needs to be either repaired or replaced. Feel free to email me, with your order information, at I will have our customer service managers look up whether or not your PIC is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. They can also look up your order history and confirm whether or not your order was placed correctly. I will pass along any updates I… Read more »

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