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When the Nuwave offer says you will receive “Free” cookware that is what you should expect-with reasonable shipping charges. I called when I didn’t receive the “Free” cookware and was told it would be another $70 to ship. After checking online I see that this is a common practice for this company. I told them I didn’t wish to do business with a company that misrepresents itself and would be returning the product for a refund.

It cost $6.90 for me to return it to them by the same UPS ground shipping they used and charged me $62.00 for. They refuse to refund the shipping cost. I filed complaints with the BBB, but they aren’t able to do anything except add my complaint to the hundreds they already have on file, and it appears that this company just doesn’t care. I hope someone finds a way to stop their deceptive practices.

Shame on me for not checking first, but shame on them for the way they do business. Spread the word.

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Hello, my name is Alice and I am the Social Media Coordinator for Hearthware, producers of the NuWave PIC. I just want to clarify that the free gifts offered with the PIC for just the cost of shipping and processing are certainly not mandatory. The customer can always decline. On our infomercials, as well as commercial websites, the existence of these separate S&P charges are clearly indicated. The basic offer is one PIC for $99.99 plus shipping, while the second is yours for just S&P. Induction cooktops and ranges can cost many thousands of dollars however we offer a state… Read more »

yup, s&h on free tv items are all ripoffs but they all also tell you that in order to recieve the free stuff you pay the extra s&h or you don’t get it. pay attention because they do tell you right from the get-go. to receive your free whatever "JUST PAY SEPARATE SHIPPING AND HANDLING"

they aren’t the only ones doing that with the shipping and handling, charging so much. i ordered from another infomercial on tv and the product was $10 for 2, buy one get one free. by the time they finished with shipping and handling it cost me $25 for a $10 item. don’t think i’ll be ordering from tv any more.

I am going to call Nuwave EVERY day and waste their time, then not buy the product. If everybody would do that, their expenses would really pile up.


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