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Even though I was very specific on the phone with the sales rep. (in total 27 mins on the phone) I ordered this online and thought I ordered the 2 pics plus the cookware and also a grill top, I wasn’t sent the cookware and then was told on the phone when I called them that I didn’t pay for the “shipping” on the pots and pans.


I agreed to every SHIPPING CHARGE, and there were many, that was discussed on the phone. So, while I was trying to get to the bottom of this order and after talking to another “rep.” and then a “Supervisor”, I was told I couldn’t get the same deal it was now 69.95 to get the same pans as they would have sold me for 29.95 at first AND then pay for ADDITIONAL SHIPPING to get what should have come in my original order.


Watch out if you order these Items because they will get you. NUWAVE COOKTOP ARE CROOKS AND OBVIOUSLY AFTER READING THE COMPLAINTS NOW ON THE INTERNET. THIS IS AN ONGOING COMPLAINT from other buyers. So, buyer beware!!!! Just another CROOK OUTFIT trying to rip you off!

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