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I ordered my Nutri Bullet on their website a couple of months ago. I am extremely pleased with the results of the product. I selected the 6 easy payments of $19.99, you could imagine my surprise when I seen my bank statement that showed Nutri Bullet deducted the full amount of $126.93. After emailing Nutri Bullet they did return $99.95, less the first installment of $19.99 and the $5.99 for the special offer for their Super Food, to get me back on the 6 easy payments plan. However, I purchased the product with my Debit Card.

Since then I am being charged for additional Super Food in the amounts of $24.99 per month. Their response to me, once they responded via email, was that I should have read the invoice that was attached to the outside of the shipping box. It supposedly said that I had purchased a subscription to their product because I ordered from their special offer for $5.99 with my original order, and that I had to call their phone number to cancel my subscription.

Until I canceled I would be sent Super Food every 60 days and would be charged $24.99 each time. I ordered their product on February 27, 2013, I was sent additional Super Food on March 23, 2013 and two charges were made to my account via my debit card of $24.99 within a 1 week period. The Customer Service response said that a refund cannot be made once their product has shipped, even though I did not order it. This amount of time does not correspond with the time of 60 days as their product information states.

Their phone number is listed as 1-855-346-8874. When you call this number, an automated voice comes on saying that your wait time would be too extreme so it states the phone number you are calling from and says your place in line will be kept and that you will receive a call back from Nutri Bullet in the order your call came in. When I first heard this message I thought that this customer service is great, they care about me not having to hang on the line. Well, as you may have already guessed, no return call. I call again and get the same message several times. How can you cancel an order by this number when you cannot reach anyone?

As in the case of another complaint story I too am changing/canceling my Debit Card Number so that they cannot make any more automatic withdrawals from my account and I plan on sending the balance I owe them separately. I just want to be finished with these folks and get back to the financial serenity before I ordered from them.


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