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I bought it last night, plus plenty of Fresh Fruits … BUT as an ex Vegan my VISION was to Finally extract value By Eating Fibers Made Soluble — so WHAT I WANT is to. KNOW which rinds and peels and cores CAN BE USED !

The website doesn’t say (a LOT of videos but ALL have “cant play” symbols — might be they ARE Playable on other than an IPad ?)

And looking at many recipes, only found ONE Reference to this … One that specifies REMOVING an Orange’s Peel !

They DO Specify a few SEEDS to avoid/remove, but although a Mention of Grape STEMS is made, NOWHERE can I find ANY INFORMATION ON SKINS … How about BANANA Peels ?

Avocado skins ? ANY skins/peels ?

I swear the infomercial SHOWS the guy throwing some in ???

(Again, the WEB SITE does OFFER viewing THAT video, but it will NOT PLAY on my iPad, which is my Only Web Access, at least for now !)

So My Complaint is with Customer Support
BUT it is about PACKAGING — a LACK of Adequate Support

For NutriBullet Representatives or Owners

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I bought a used from a friend without instructions, but everything is on the website or here in the start guide, including what pits or seeds to remove.
Also, tons of Youtube videos on any recipes you could want. But, it’s no secret I-Pad doesn’t play most youtube videos. Use a computer!
The NutriBullet is actually a pretty amazing tool. Use mine several times each day!!

I just google my fruits and veggies to see if I can leave the peel on.


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