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The Nutribullet is made with cheap components, the rim-teeth of the cups will break since the motor is powerful – but they will get stuck in the safety notch(es) – which you cannot peel out. Therefore you need two things, free repair during the warranty period and new cups. I contacted Nutribullet first via email and still did not get a response after a week, when I called the automated message was that they are assisting other customers and that they will call me back.

Customer service called me back three hours later and the young kid informed me that I will not receive their warranty service since I did not mail in the sales receipt after my on-line purchase and registration. I asked for the supervisor – and the kid hung up on me after I waited for several minutes. I called back since I thought we were interrupted – and I had to wait to the next day.

The same thing started all over again – and we were disconnected again after a long wait – that is when I knew that they are hanging up on me. My conclusion – as long as people are buying this product and this company is too busy making their sales and profit – there will not be customer service, nor a free repair during the warranty period.

Don’t buy the Nutribullet – or you will regret it like I did.

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I have had the complete opposite experience. I have used mine tons since I got it about six months ago and it runs like a dream and cleans up in a snap. Would buy again and plan to buy for family as a gift.

I almost bought the nutrabullet last night, but figured I would check out the reviews and if i really wanted it I would go back. It was going to cost $99 at target.. I think I just saved $$99 plus tax. There are too many bad reviews and as this comment mentions if people still buy it the company doesn’t have to change anything. One concern I actually have is The product flawed on purpose. Thinking about it, if they try and up sale a person buying from them, why not just make money shipping out free parts as well.… Read more »

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