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About a year ago I purchased a Nutribullet with the 6 payment option in which they automatically charged a set amount to my debit card. About 4 months into the agreement my bank was purchased by another bank with which I was not pleased, so I went with a different bank. I forgot to change my info. concerning Nutribullet. I received the obligatory e-mail from NutriBullet about their inability to secure payment per the agreement with a customer service phone number (855-346-8874) and email option for service as well.

For 2 months I called the phone# countless times unable to get through ( busy signal) or recording. I also went countless times online with same result.


I finally received a response FROM A LAWYER!!!! I called the phone number for the law firm ( they answered) and paid the remaining balance. I have since tried to purchase two new blades for the unit. I received e-mail weeks later requesting further information which I provided.

Weeks after that received another e-mail stating they would re-place the blade (1 not 2) but I would have to pay shipping, leaving again the phone # 855-346-8874. I wanted to PURCHASE 2 blades. I again wasted my time calling the number and sending emails, now weeks into this attempt to get CUSTOMER SUPPORT, I am fed up!!!!

I am throwing away this product and advising anyone who will listen to beware. THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AFTER THE PURCHASE.

James Conner in Miami

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Helpful sugggestion: First, if you paln to purchase a nutribullet, don’t do it. It wills ave you all the headache on returning it. I know you will return it because of poor quality workmanship. It leaks. Second, if you still want a nutribullet, buy it from the store because if you buy it from the infomercial, you will have to pay for the retrun postage when you return it. At the store there will be no return payment. They will accept it back with no questions asked.


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