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when i first got it, i noticed it had a small container (24 oz cup). i new i would not be able to put much fruits and vegetable in it. so when i would use it, i would not put ice in it. i also figured that it would last longer. after using it, i noticed some brown staining around the bottom of the extractor. i washed and cleaned it. the next time i used it, i saw it again. it had a moist feeling. i then knew it was leaking. i seemed small. but one time after rinsing with soap and water, i could see white foam on the bottom of the extractor.

it progressed.

soon i found it was getting worse. i emailed nutribullet several times. after suggesting some action against them, they responded. they suggested i do not fill it passed fill line and asked if it was the extractor or the grinder leaking. right now it is leaking pretty bad. there is play on the extractor and when i put water in it and move the blades, water literally leaks out. and i now have to constantly have to adjust the container when it is on the base in order to get it to turn on.

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